Graduated Scale - European Framework of Reference

 at Sprachtreff Frankfurt

Kursarten Sprachtreff Frankfurt

Kursarten Sprachtreff Frankfurt

Elementary language usage: A1 and A2

  •      They begin by understanding and using everyday expressions and very simple sentences that aim to satisfy concrete needs.
  •      They can introduce themselves and others, where they live, who people know them and what kind of things they have.
  •      At the A2 level, you can understand phrases and commonly used phrases related to areas of most immediate relevance (personal information, family, work, neighborhood, shopping, etc.) and communicate in simple, routine situations in which there are for a simple and direct exchange of information about familiar things.
  •      You can use simple means to describe your own background and education, the immediate environment and things related to immediate needs.

Kursarten beim Sprachtreff Frankfurt

Kursarten des Sprachtreff Frankfurt

Self-employed: B1 and B2 of the Common European Framework

  •     They understand the focal points of talking about familiar things from work, school, leisure, etc.
  •     When traveling in the language area, you can handle most situations.
  •     Familiar themes can be expressed simply and coherently.
  •     They can report on experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and goals, and give brief justifications or explanations to plans and views.
  •     At the B2 level, you can understand the main content of complex texts and specialist discussions in your own area of ​​expertise, and communicate spontaneously and fluently so that normal conversations with native speakers are possible without any major efforts.
  •     You can explain your own views on a current question and express yourself clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics.

Proficient use of language: C1 and C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference

  •     They can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and also understand implicit meanings.
  •     They can express themselves spontaneously and fluently, without having to search for words more clearly.
  •     In social and professional life or in education and study, you can use the language effectively and flexibly and be clear, structured and verbosity to complex issues.
  •     The level C2 is almost equal to that of a native speaker.


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