Online language courses with Skype

In addition to its wide range of language courses Sprachtreff Frankfurt offers also online courses of 35 languages.

Advantages of online language courses:
  • learn from home with a laptop or PC
  • no loss of time and no costs due to long journeys
  • more free time for your hobbies
  • no need to pay a babysitter for your children just because you are taking a language course
  • a great opportunity for friends who live far apart to experience something together despite the distance. Up to 3 friends can be in the free version of Skype.


Online language courses with Skype

Requirements for online language courses - this is how you do it:

  1. You need a laptop, tablet or PC (you can also use Skype on your mobile phone, but it can be a too small device).
  2. You do not need a webcam and a headset with headphones and microphone (you only need this if your webcam, speakers and microphone are not pre-installed on your PC. If you have a laptop, all this is usually already included. 
  3. A fast internet connection is a prerequisite for online lessons.
  4. Download Skype.
  5. Install Skype on your PC.
  6. You will now be asked to set up your Skype account (with an email address and password, just like a Facebook or Google Plus account)

That's all. Now we can start!

Dowmload Information Online Language Courses via Skype


Online language courses with Skype


Sign in to Sprachtreff Frankfurt as usual after you signed in on Skype.

Please use our online registration form. In the "Type of course" field in the drop-down menu, select "Online language course with Skype".

By signing up please make sure you provide the same email address as the one you used to register on Skype.
Reason: Your teacher will look for you on Skype to contact you. Since there are many people with similar names, the only safe way to find you is to enter your email address as a search term.

Registration with 2 and 3 persons

Up to 3 people can participate in the language lessons from different locations via Skype. Of course, you can also participate as a couple or mini-group from one computer workstation. In this case, however, you must also register individually. Please mention the name of the other participants while registering for a course.

Learn languages online with Sprachtreff

Lessons via Skype - that's how it works:

  • log in on Skype a few minutes before the course starts
  • turn on webcam and microphone by clicking on the icons
  • your teacher will contact you. Of course you can also try to find your teacher
  • when it rings your teacher is calling you. Your teacher's photo and name will appear in the middle of the screen
  • you must accept the call by clicking on the video camera
  • now you see your teacher on a big screen and yourself on a small screen next to it. Once you have your camera and microphone on, the virtual lesson can start.


What else can you do on Skype?

Skype lessons

With Skype you can

1. exchange documents

Teachers and students can upload and download documents and images. For example, your teacher can "hand out" task sheets and you can "hand in" (upload) the completed documents (like homeworks). 

2. share your own screen

The student can share his screen and be corrected live by the teacher during a writing exercise.

3. written writing exercises and tasks via chat

Of course, teachers and students can also use the chat. 

For example, the teacher asks a question orally and the student writes the answer in the chat.

Learn languages online with Sprachtreff

Price per person

Up to 3 people can take language lessons via Skype.
Price information for individual, two-to-one and group lessons (3 persons): 

The prices are valid for the languages German, English, French, Spanish, Italian.

All other languages cost a little more (between 33 and 38 Euro per hour).
They correspond to the individual course prices that you will find on the corresponding language pages.

Apart from Portuguese, Turkish and Russian, these less frequently requested languages also include 19% value added tax.

Online private lessons under 10 lessons: 33 €/ hour


10 lessons

20 lessons

from 30 lessons

private lessons (60 min.)



299 €


580 €


28,00 € per lesson



40 €/lesson





155 €



285 €



15,00 € per lesson



20 €/lesson

3 Persons


please enquire

please enquire

please enquire

please enquire


Lessons via Skype are possible at any time on your desired dates.
Simply book the desired number of hours and arrange the dates individually with your teacher.


Do you have questions?

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