Learn Turkish in Frankfurt

Lehrmaterial Türkisch bei Sprachschule Sprachtreff in Frankfurt

Türkisch Sprachkurse bei Sprachtreff in Frankfurt

Now Turkish online courses available!

book your online Turkish evening class with very experienced native speaker

for beginners, with little knowledge and intermediate knowledge Wednesday and Thursday from 18,00h on   

get to know –price about 1 month 4 lessons with 90 mins. for 79 € only!

pls call or send an email or whatsApp  0152-37764619 or email us info@sprachtreff.de for further information



Learn Turkish in Frankfurt

Turkish (Türkce) is the national and official language of Turkey and is spoken by more than 80% of the population as a mother tongue. Turkish is also present in Northern Cyprus and as a local official language in Macedonia and Kosovo.
Furthermore, the Turkish language is widely understood in many countries of West Asia up to the western border of China.

Turkey has a dynamic and growing economy with a high export volume of over 136 billion $.

Turkey has been closely linked to Germany for more than 100 years, and since the 1960s there has been a diaspora of over 2 million people from Turkey in Germany

Conversely, Turkey is a popular holiday destination; Every year nearly as many Germans travel to Turkey as to Spain or Italy.

In our language school Sprachtreff in the centre of Frankfurt, we regularly organize Turkish courses as an evening course or intensive course on different levels of knowledge.

Türkisch Sprachkurse bei Sprachtreff in Frankfurt

Sprachtreff Frankfurt

Türkisch Sprachkurse bei Sprachtreff in Frankfurt

Türkisch Sprachkurs bei Sprachschule Sprachtreff in Frankfurt

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