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Our school is open to the public however with certain restrictions: Two separate entrances and exits. During the lessons you might be required to carry a mask. Highly effective `FFP 2` Masks available. Desinfection sprays available. Small groups learn in rather spacious class rooms with high ceilings and big windows using tabledesks which provide 1,5 metres of distance. Patio and cafeteria provide sufficient space during the breaks

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Frankfurt is a city with a way of life in whose streets multilingualism is self-evident. People from all over the world come to Frankfurt to study or work here.
The city hosts a lot of top cultural and business events all year long. And it is hard to believe that the financial metropolis is not a stony mole, but a rich green city! There are often only a few steps between Weltstadtflair and cosiness in Frankfurt.

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Your Benefits from studying at
Sprachtreff Frankfurt

Sprachtreff Frankfurt, the school with flair, is a good meeting place in the world of languages since 1991! We offer a wide selection of course profiles and levels from A1 to C1 in 25 languages. Our groups include only 3-5 people. That‘s why you can expect a comprehensive teaching which emphasizes on individual attention.

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The language school is located in the heart of Frankfurt.Shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, cinemas, and parks are within a few minutes walk.

The German language is within the large family of Indo-European languages to the group of Germanic languages, along with English, Dutch, Frisian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and Yiddish.

In Europe, German is spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and parts of Luxemburg, Belgium and northern Italian (German is spoken in the region of South Tyrol). In Romania, there exist still some German speaking communities. Together, there are approximately one hundred million native speakers of German in Europe.

German has always been traditionally regarded in Europe as the language of education and science in the literature so far and plays a significant role.

Today, Germany is linked due to its strong export orientation with trading partners around the world. In countries around the Mediterranean is due to tourism from Germany as a certain demand for German language skills. This leads to another important reason for a good knowledge of the German language.

Learn German in Sprachtreff Frankfurt, the school with flair, since 1991, is a good meeting place in the world of languages! We offer a wide selection of courses forms and skill levels. Our groups comprise only 3-5 people. Therefore, you can count on us for a comprehensive and emphasizes individual attention from our team.

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The city

One of the most impressive attraction in Frankfurt is found in the historical central square, called the "Römer Berg", which is a reference to the early settlements of the Romans who constructed settlements here and fortifications in the surrounding areas in order to keep out the northernGerman tribes away and which had been extended to the Limes, which was a sort of earth works with stoneor wooden watch towers and little fortresses in the near Taunus mountains.
Part of this old, medieval district of the town is currently in the process of being rebuilt after its destruction during WWII.

The river Main is a very fine river because of its convenient size which not only combines harmoniously old and new, especially the spectacular skyline, one of the most famous in Europe, but also the two river banks, the city centre and its counterpart, which is called “Sachsenhausen” where the visitor can look at an remarkable line of interesting museums called “Museumsufer”. Behind this the visitor enters the famous apple wine district. One hidden gem is probably the very old wine storage cave called “Duenker” (18th century) where the guests can taste all sorts of wines from the different German wine growing areas.

A typical Frankfurt dish is the "Grüne Soße", a green sauce made up of seven different freshly cut herbs, served with boiled beef and plat ales, alternatively as vegetarian with boiled eggs.

Enjoy your staying in this amazing city!




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