Unterkünfte für Sprachstudenten in Frankfurt

Sprachkurs in Frankfurt - Unterkunft

I. Room in a private flat

By staying in a private accommodation, you have the opportunity to be by for yourself but still have regular contact with Frankfurt families.

II. Hostel

In a hostel, you can book a single room, a double rooom or a dormitory. The Frankfurt Hostel and the 5Elements Hostel are only 2 - 5 minutes walk from the main station. They have a bar and an internet room.

At Frankfurt Hostel the price includes a free breakfast "All you can eat".

III. Furnished  Apartment

In an apartment, you have the possibility to manage your every day life independently.
Apartments are available from 1 to 6 or more persons.

IV. Hotel

There are several cheap hotels near the language school. If you stay for a longer period, we can negotiate a special price for you.

V Bed & Breakfast

In a B&B you have a comfortable place with bed and breakfast.


Prices in € for Accommodations


Price in € per night
 Week Month
I From 10
70 300
II From 12 in a 10 bed room or 17  in a double room 84 360
III From 20 140 600
IV From 20 excl. breakfast 140 600
V From 20 excl. breakfast
140 600


The prices are taken from the websites of the providers, state 01.03.2018.
Prices can change daily and Sprachtreff Frankfurt cannot guarantee any price.
Please check availability with the websites below and on the right side.

In case you would like us to arrange your accomodation, please tick this option on the enrollment form. In this case 50 € accommodation arrangement fee would apply. We will then take care of your reservation after we received a partial payment of at least 50 % of the accommodation price.


II. Hostels

A & O Hostel Frankfurt Gallus Warte
Here you can find cheap hostels and hotels.
Double Room from 20 € - and dormitory from 12 € per night

Language Course Frankfurt accomodations

A&O Frankfurt Galluswarte
Mainzer Landstraße 226-230
60327 Frankfurt
+49 69 269 150 - 3400 -

Frankfurt hostel

Single room for 40 € and double room from 52 € per night


Language Course Frankfurt accomodations

At Frankfurt Hostel the price includes a free breakfast "All you can eat".


10-bed-room from 17 € per night in Frankfurt Hostel

Language Course Frankfurt accomodations

Frankfurt Hostel (1 minute from the main station)
Frau Sarah Buchenau
Telephone: +49 (0)69 24 75 13 0
Fax: +49 (0)69 24 75 13 11

Sprachkurs in Frankfurt - Unterkunft

Sprachkurs in Frankfurt - Unterkunft

I. Furnished room in a private or shared flat

18 sq room for 650 € per month at homecompany.de in a 3-room-flat. Every room is rented separatetely.

Language Course Frankfurt accomodations

Language Course Frankfurt accomodations

Home Company Frankfurt, Sandweg 63, 60316 Frankfurt, Tel. 0049 (0)69 2578790, E-Mail: frankfurt@homecompany.de

The Frankfurt home company also offers furnished apartments. You can find further furnished apartments below.

II: Other Hostels

If you want to stay close to the Main river side, you can book a room at the Frankfurt Youth Hostel.

Language Course Frankfurt accommodations

Jugendherberge Frankfurt (on the Main river side, 1 night breakfast incl. from 19,50 €)

Guests over 27 should pay € 4,50 extra.

Haus der Jugend

Deutschherrnufer 12
60594  Frankfurt/Main  Sachsenhausen
Tel.  069 6100150
Fax 069 61001599
E-Mail: reservierung@jugendherberge-frankfurt.de
Web: https://www.jugendherberge.de/jugendherbergen/frankfurt-479/portraet


Frankfurt Central Hostel

Accommodation in Frankfurt Central Hostel

Frankfurt Central Hostel: Accommodation from 17 €, breakfast from 7,00 €
Mainzer Landstraße 341
60326 Frankfurt am Main


III. Furnished apartment

Furnished apartment for 20 € per night on airbnb.de.

Appartment Frankfurt for 22 Euro per nightAppartment Frankfurt for 22 Euro per night



A further example for an apartment from 29 € per night on 9flats.com

Language Course Frankfurt accomodations

Phone:+49 30 983216799,
Email: info@9flats.com


IV + V.  Hotels and bed & breakfast

On the following websites you can find Hotels and bed & breakfast from 19 € in Frankfurt:





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60313 Frankfurt a.M.